About MyWorld

MyWorld is an up-and-coming next-gen virtual world platform designed for scalability, reliability, and creative power. Unlike many current virtual world platforms, MyWorld utilizes game industry standard tools and technologies to deliver a cutting edge experience for users and creators alike, such as a modern graphics system, standard 3D graphics interchange formats, and a powerful and versatile entity system. By combining the power of a massively distributed game engine with the flexibility of a virtual world, MyWorld is as suitable for creating massive multiplayer online games as it is for building general purpose social virtual worlds – create a multiplayer realtime strategy game, a fantasy RPG with fast-paced FPS elements, or a massive open-world sandbox game with ease. MyWorld isn’t just for virtual world users and enthusiasts – it’s for multiplayer game creators too!

MyWorld for Creators

One of MyWorld’s primary design goals is to make it easy for creators to create great looking content that is easy to download and render efficiently. As a result, MyWorld is being built with a state-of-the-art Physically Based Rendering (PBR) graphics pipeline and a custom asset download and caching system. We’re also using modern, industry standard file formats such as glTF to make it as easy as possible to create and upload content without wasting time making your 3D authoring tools produce files that work with MyWorld. This also means that 3D assets from many standard asset stores will be compatible with MyWorld. You don’t need to worry about your hard work always being tied to the MyWorld platform, and since it’s all based on standard file formats you can keep copies of everything safe.

Whatever you want to create, MyWorld makes no assumptions about what you should make or how you should make it. Everything from terrain to avatars is flexible and can be customized and extended.

MyWorld for Developers

MyWorld isn’t just a platform for social virtual worlds; MyWorld was designed from the start to couple the power of a realtime massive multiplayer online game engine with the flexible features that general purpose virtual worlds need. The result is a piece of software that is as equally at home powering massive multiplayer online games as it is virtual worlds.

MyWorld is fully distributed, and it’s designed to operate without downtime ever being necessary. Server failures only affect local areas in the virtual world, and we’re working on making server maintenance possible without even logging out users in the affected areas. Additionally, every piece of the stack, from the world simulation servers, to the asset storage cluster, to the database is linearly scalable. We use the CockroachDB database for all of our data storage, so you never need to worry about the scaling and downtime issues that tend to come along with traditional SQL databases.

Both the servers and the client are written in modern Java and are highly extensible through a powerful plugin mechanism. This enables developers a simple and straightforward way to extend standard functionality without altering any core code. Coupled with a powerful entity system, this allows full extension or replacement of everything from client-side graphics to advanced server-side simulation systems.

MyWorld for Virtual World Users

MyWorld is designed to run smoothly and efficiently even when you don’t have the best and the newest hardware. We’re building the graphics pipeline to enable creators to make gorgeous and ultra-realistic content without requiring a high-end gaming PC, and we’re designing the networking protocols to perform as well as possible even when your internet is slow.  You shouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive graphics hardware or an overpriced internet connection to have a best-in-class experience on games and virtual worlds. At MyWorld, we’re designing everything to bring the best out of the hardware and internet connection you have available. Whether you’re running on an ultra-modern gaming PC or a three year old laptop, MyWorld should utilize your hardware to the best of its abilities without bogging down and lagging. MyWorld is for everyone!

Preparing MyWorld for Release

We hope you’re as excited about MyWorld as we are! We’re working as fast as we can to prepare it for release so all of you can start enjoying it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, developing and polishing a project this large is very time consuming. We’re committed to making MyWorld the best virtual world platform in the world, and we always put the quality of the platform and the best interests of our users first. As a result, we’re taking our time to make MyWorld the best it can be.