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Apr 20, 2019

MyWorld Meetup – 4/20/19

Update (Daniel): MyWorld’s world model is already quite different from Second Life/Open Simulator – zones are much larger than 250×250 meters, and stack vertically as well as horizontally. We’re

Apr 13, 2019

MyWorld Meetup – 4/13/19

Discussion: Q (FordLady): As you are working on MyWorld how do you know what to work on next? Answer: That’s a question I (Daniel) have to answer each week as I work

Apr 7, 2019

MyWorld Meetup - 4/6/19

Announcement: Changes to the Meetups We’re not setting a weekly theme anymore. MyWorld is a lot to take in – we announced themes to give the community a gradual and detailed introduction. We

Mar 30, 2019

MyWorld Meetup – 3/30/2019

Theme: How avatars fit into the entire ecosystem Last week we talked about avatar customization; this week we’ll talk about how avatars fit into the rest of the MyWorld ecosystem.MyWorld’s

Mar 26, 2019

MyWorld Meetup – 3/23/19

Theme: General Q&A Q (Zauberin): Will MyWorld support avatar physics (.i.e, a sword and scabbard hung from a belt that wave realistically)? Answer: Yes, may or may not make first

Mar 26, 2019

MyWorld Meetup - 3/16/19

Theme: Whatever you want to talk about! Announcements: Founding Member program closing Needed a larger reach to get enough funders Doesn’t have much impact on release timelines This means alpha will be

Mar 26, 2019

MyWorld Meetup – 3/9/19

Theme: Comparing MyWorld to other virtual worlds Daniel: Features MyWorld has: Better user experience Smoother, faster client (viewer) In-world movement will be faster and more responsive than current virtual worlds, making it easier

Mar 26, 2019

MyWorld Meetup - 3/2/19

Theme: Custom shaders! A note about shaders: This is a future plan – support will come after Alpha/Beta Shaders are special programs that run in graphics hardware that turn 3D models + data into

Mar 26, 2019

MyWorld Meetup – 2/23/19

Topic: Whatever you want! Back into the code! Implemented plugin system Powerful way to extend client (& server) Goal is for 3rd party developers to extend client with plugins rather than creating separate

Nov 25, 2018

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